A Word from Our Owner

“West Valley is an urban clinic within the city of Phoenix.  We cater to our community’s underserved–nearly all of whom are research
naive.  We recruit from an extensive database of over 25,000 research naive patients through our neighboring partner clinics including family medicine and OB/GYN practices that see 150+
patients daily.  Importantly, we are mobilized by our social
mission to bring the option of trial participation to those who are unaware these options exist.

I’d love to speak with you more about how we can partner with you to deliver quality data and boost diversity in your trial.”

Lee Eifler

Our Investigators

Dr Nicholas Bujak
Dr Nicholas BujakMD, Obstetrician/Gynecologist
Dr. Zacher have more than 30 years experience in patient care and research. For more information on them including their comprehensive CV’s contact us at info@wvrclinic.com.

Our Staff

We ensure all staff undergo and maintain comprehensive training in GCP/ICH, IATA and HIPAA regulations. Additionally, our proactive internal audit process
ensures consistent data quality.

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