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At the clinic our competent and ethical clinical research coordinators ensure the utmost in patient care and comprehensive and timely data capture.  We ensure all staff undergo and maintain comprehensive training in GCP/ICH, IATA and HIPAA regulations. Additionally, our proactive internal audit process ensures consistent data quality.

What We Offer

Our Facility

* 4900+ sq ft clinic/ research center
* Productivity space for monitor comfort
* Private bathroom with pass through to lab
* 6 Full size exam rooms
* Ultrasound and Infusion rooms
* Patient concierge
* 10 miles from Sky Harbor Airport (PHX)
* Easy, no cost parking


  • * CLIA waived space
    * 24/7 video surveillance
    * double locked, temp controlled IP storage on site
    * Centrifuge/ Scale/ Vitals
    * 2-8C refrigerators/ -20C freezer
    * Six full size exam rooms
    * Safety, crash cart, emergency meds, oxygen and defibrillators

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